Integrated quality, environment, safety and health policy

Offer a comprehensive waste treatment service, meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental protection, developing and promoting the true circular economy through our lines of business, aimed at providing the best solutions for public institutions, companies and individuals.

Integrate customers and suppliers in the commitment to environmental protection, which promotes: the conservation of the environment where the activities are carried out, the correct management of waste, the minimization of risks and the prevention of pollution.

Through our services, we manage to give a second life to the waste we generate, thus helping to protect the environment and combat climate change.


  • Fully meet the needs of customers and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Improve the quality of service, fostering a good work environment and spirit of participation.
  • Comply with current legislation and regulations regarding the environment, and health and safety; as well as with all those other requirements that the company subscribes and other regulations that are applicable to it.
  • Take this policy as a reference for the establishment and periodic verification of quality, environment and health and safety objectives.
  • Prevent damage and deterioration of the health of the workers of the centers, as well as of other interested parties, adopting the necessary measures in the development of the activity.
  • Contribute to the awareness of society to preserve the environment. By applying the circular economy, we reduce waste from some sectors by up to 99%.

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