At Adalmo, as an authorised waste manager, we aim to fully contribute to the creation of a circular economy. We provide advice and collection of solid urban waste, as well as having a technical department specialised in advising and training clients on the correct management of waste.

Our waste management service also offers the implementation of green points, clean points, selective collection service and environmental advice, as well as pruning, cleaning of limited areas, etc. For small companies and individuals as well as large corporations.

We also carry out the processing of all types of environmental documentation, facilitating its management.

Urban waste: ES MILÀ.

Since 2015, the union of the public waste treatment, recovery and disposal service in the Milà Waste Management area in Menorca was formalised together with various private sector companies, one of which was Adalmo, forming the ES MILÀ joint venture.

The plant provides, by means of the best technologies available on the market, the specific treatment of organic fractions and the separation of the different waste fractions for subsequent recycling outside the island. All this, in order to promote the recycling of waste, ensure the sustainability of the island and the municipalities in the consortium.


Clean points

Through its waste collection and advice service, Adalmo has established itself as a benchmark in the design, maintenance and operation of different green points on the islands.

Asbestos removal

Adalmo, registered in the RERA (Registro de Empresas con Riesgo de Amianto) with authorisation number RERA/07/00017/07, allows us to carry out all types of work with materials containing asbestos.

We have a technical team trained in the advice, study, detection and elaboration of Work Plans. As well as, a specialized team capable of removing, dismantling and conditioning the asbestos-containing asbestos cement material.

24-hour emergency service

Thanks to our specialised technical and professional team, we offer a permanent service in the event of an accidental spillage of hazardous chemical substances due to handling and/or storage.

Our Immediate Intervention Unit, as specialised waste managers, not only acts in the event of a risk situation, but also carries out supervision and prevention tasks in the area of action, and of the emergency equipment installed for this purpose.

Scrapping and industrial cleaning

At Adalmo we perform industrial dismantling work: dismantling and cutting up structures and machinery by means of oxy-cutting or shears, in a safe, selective and economically efficient manner. All this, including the decontamination and removal of all waste generated which, by means of efficient technologies, is classified according to its properties and prepared for subsequent recycling.

Soil decontamination

Specialised technical personnel carry out detailed contamination studies and decontamination plans for approval by the competent administration, as well as the decontamination work and subsequent management of the waste removed.

Confidential paper management service

All companies store personal data of customers, employees and suppliers on paper and, as it is of a personal and private nature, its storage and destruction must comply with the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD). To facilitate the management of this type of documents, at Adalmo, we offer the possibility of renting lockable containers for their deposition and removal service, to preserve privacy.

Self-compactor service and Tipper trailer with crane and polyp grab services

In the waste collection sector, a compactor is as characteristic as it is necessary. Thanks to the small size of these compact machines and their compression function, they reduce the volume of the waste, allowing more of it to enter. In this way, the waste is deposited in a closed and airtight place, avoiding unpleasant odours or spills.

At Adamo we have innovative octopus trucks, specialised in loading and unloading all types of waste in the truck itself, which are taken to our centres or plants for treatment. These trucks allow lifting any material from the ground due to its resistant drive and directing it to a container.

Taking into account the needs of our customers and, above all, the type of waste to be deposited, Adalmo offers different types of containers. These types of containers are used both for depositing the waste and, in many cases, for transporting it to our facilities.

Among our containers and machinery specialised in the deposition and management of waste are the following:

Container type K: 5 cubic metre capacity container, ideal for demolition, construction and scrap waste.

Container type P: 11 cubic metre capacity container, ideal for demolition, construction and scrap waste.

Container type C: 25 cubic metre capacity container, ideal for demolition, construction and scrap waste.

Container for mineral oil

Paper packaging and solid urban waste compactor.

Vehicle compactor

Tanker truck

Tipper trailer with crane and polyp grab

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