Proper waste management is based on getting the maximum benefit from the material resources contained in them, through their reuse and exploitation for other uses. Following this principle, in Adalmo, by means of a treatment system, we apply operations that help us to modify the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of the waste, to recover materials or substances that can be valorized, either to facilitate the extraction of secondary raw materials, to facilitate the use as a source of energy or to adapt the rejection for its subsequent final treatment.

Metals and scrap

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals (scrap) are one of the main residues derived from industrial and domestic activity. Being a very common type of waste, in Adalmo we offer, reaffirming its commitment to sustainable development, reuse and recycling of the materials consumed, the comprehensive management of this waste. Within this recovery process, Adalmo is responsible for the collection, reception and treatment of this waste in its authorized facilities.


Paper and cardboard

Due to the use of this material in a large part of our daily lives, large quantities of this waste are generated. Since paper and cardboard, to a large extent, can be recycled to have a second life, at Adalmo, we offer a collection and management service for this type of material, helping to reduce the consumption of the resource and slowing down deforestation. In addition, in order to provide greater security to our customers, we offer confidential paper containers.


Plastic is a material that takes around 180 years to decompose depending on the nature of the material and, due to its excessive use, large quantities of this type of waste are generated. The importance of the correct management and recycling of plastic lies in the knowledge of the material. Adalmo, knows this management and, for this reason, is dedicated to the collection, classification and to allow the recycling of the waste.

Energy recovery from SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)

Some of the waste we collect, as it cannot be recovered or recycled, is valorised by creating a by-product called Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). SRF is a fuel prepared from non-hazardous waste for energy recovery in incineration or co-incineration plants due to its high calorific value.

Taking into account the needs of our customers and, above all, the type of waste to be deposited, Adalmo offers different types of containers. These types of containers are used both for depositing the waste and, in many cases, for transporting it to our facilities.

Among our containers and machinery specialised in the deposition and management of waste are the following:

Container type K: 5 cubic metre capacity container, ideal for demolition, construction and scrap waste.

Container type P: 11 cubic metre capacity container, ideal for demolition, construction and scrap waste.

Container type C: 25 cubic metre capacity container, ideal for demolition, construction and scrap waste.

Paper packaging and solid urban waste compactor.

Vehicle compactor

Tipper trailer with crane and polyp grab

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